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Call Overflow

If your business as a whole or just an individual area of it needs help dealing with incoming calls, we can help. Our call handling service can field unanswered calls so that no matter how busy your team is, you customers and other callers will always be able to speak to a person rather than a recorded message.

  • Call are answered professionally in your company name, just as your main reception would
  • Callers can be transferred through to another person or department
  • A message can be taken, appointment booked or even an order placed

Overflow calls answered in your company name.

It’s easy to direct just overflow calls to your connect call handling team to allow your staff to answer calls when they are able to and us to answer calls when they can’t. Your Connect Call Handling team will answer your overflow calls with your own company-specific greeting and look after each one so professionally that your callers won’t even realize that they are not speaking to someone in your own company.

Do you need help dealing with incoming business calls at peak times?

Our team helps your staff to manage their time more efficiently by allowing them to respond to callers at a time that suits them and with all the information they need in front of them. We will collect all the information that you need from each caller to allow your team to respond to their enquiry effectively.

Ask about a free trial of our call overflow service to see for yourself how we can help your business to better manage its time.

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