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Diary Management

If your clients book appointments to spend time with you or others in your business, it can be difficult to take calls to arrange new bookings if your time is mainly spent holding that day’s appointments. Our Virtual PA team can answer your calls and book clients into your diary, leaving you to get on with looking after that day’s clients.

  • Calls are answered professionally in your company name
  • Our team can book, confirm and cancel appointments as per your instructions
  • Everything is managed online using a shared webdiary so no duplicate entries can occur
  • Details of the call are sent by email or SMS txt immediately on close of call

A cost effective solution to managing your time.

Our WebDiary system lets you and our Virtual PA team both access and operate the same online diary. You can indicate which periods are available for new bookings and how long should be set aside for each appointment and leave our team to speak to your clients and arrange appointments to suit your timetable.

Because WebDiary is online, you can view it at any time and make appointments yourself. Any bookings you make will be instantly visible to our operators and, likewise, any appointments that they set will be available for you to see immediately.

Our Diary Management service can be used on its own or as part of our Virtual PA service if you would like us to pass on other enquiries or messages as well as arranging appointments.

WebDiary is a secure and reliable way to manage your schedule and with the help of our Virtual PA team, you can be freed from handling the phone to spend more time with your clients and on other aspects of your business. Call us or contact us online to find out how we can help you and your business manage your time more efficiently and give your customers the level of service that you need.

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