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Our range of call handling services

Connect gives your business an extra pair of hands to look after any kind of incoming calls and let you and your team get on with what you do best.

From simply handling your calls when you can’t, to taking customer orders or making appointments, our team can give your business both the professional image it needs and the capacity to deal with all your calls for fraction of the cost of employing staff.

Our team will give your business the profession service and image that your and your callers expect with services including: 

Virtual PA

Our professional team can answer as many or as few of your calls as you and your business need.

We can send full details of each call and your caller’s message either by email or text message or even transfer selected calls though to your direct line or mobile.

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Remote Reception

Ensuring that all incoming calls are answered correctly and professionally, our staff act and work just as if they were sat in your front office.

Calls can be transferred to the relevant department/person or a message can be taken and emailed to you.

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Call Overflow

No matter how busy your lines are, with our call overflow service potential new clients and existing customers are not lost.

Your callers are answered in your company name, a message taken, appointment booked or transferred depending on your instruction.

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Customer Service

Carefully following your instructions, our team can field your customers’ enquiries, giving them the assistance they need to help them use your service or choose from your products.

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Marketing Response

Make sure that you don’t miss a single enquiry from your advertising and other marketing campaigns. Our team will give your new leads all the information that they need about your products and services while making sure that you receive their full details to follow up their enquiry later.

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Order Line

Our experienced team can take your customers’ orders, giving you an inbound call centre for a fraction of the cost and without the commitment of employing staff yourself.

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Diary Management

While you spend time with your existing clients, our team can answer your incoming calls and set appointments according to your schedule. Our secure online diary system lets both you and our operators use the same diary in real time for a truly practical remote service.

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Short Term Cover

For when you require a call handling service for less than a month, easy to set up, it allows you (or a member of your staff) to be on holiday even if your business isn’t.

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Telephone Numbering

Local presence, 03 and 0800 numbers can help give your business a more professional image.

Our telephony products can be used in conjunction with our call handling services or as a stand-alone product.

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