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Customer Service

Providing a facility for your customers to contact with queries about your products or service can be a hugely expensive and time consuming commitment. We can provide just the service that you and your business need for a fraction of the cost and without the commitments of employing staff and locating them in office premises.

  • Callers are answered professionally in your company name
  • Our team can make or track orders, book appointments or guide callers through your software
  • Details of the call are sent by email or SMS txt immediately on close of call

Taking the extra step for your callers

If you are piloting a new product or simply want to outsource this management-intensive business function, we can help.

Whether you need a team of operators to help callers track their undelivered orders, or to guide users through your software, we can provide a team of professional, competent operators to staff your customer service lines. Our systems allow us to identify and categorise calls for reporting purposes as well as to direct them to the most suitable individual or team.

Each call is logged and detailed and is accessible 24/7 online in real time. Individual alerts can also be passed to you by email or text message.

Whatever your customer service requirements, we can provide the low-cost, low-commitment alternative to establishing your own call centre. Click here to start your 7 day free trial, call us on 0333 4141 999 or request a callback below:

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