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Short Term / Holiday Service

If you only need our call handling service for a short period of less than a month, our Holiday Cover package can look after your calls without setting up a regular service.

Whether you are on holiday yourself or you need help with answering you calls because a member of your team is off for a short period, our Holiday Cover package is the ideal solution.

Your business doesn’t need to be on holiday just because you are.

The service can be set up in just a couple of hours and turned on or off quickly and easily to help when there is an interruption to your business’s ability to field and deal with all of its incoming calls.

Our diverse clients look to us to help their business out when they are experiencing staff shortages, technical downtime or other potential interruptions to service. Your requirement might be a single, planned event like an office move or an unexpected interruption to service caused by technical difficulties or staffing problems. Whatever you need us for, our team can be relied upon to efficiently handle all your calls without your callers being aware of any break from the norm.

Many businesses rely on Connect to ensure a continuation of their service while key staff are on holiday or traveling for business. Messages can be prioritized and kept for your attention on your return or passed to a colleague for immediate attention. Urgent calls can even be brought to your attention by SMS text message anywhere in the world if you choose.

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