Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any special equipment or software?

No, you don’t need any additional equipment or software at all to use
any of our call handling services. If you will only be diverting calls from
one line to us, the only addition to your existing telephone service is to
call your provider to ask them to enable a call divert service on your line,
although most people find that they already have this facility. If you are
diverting calls from a telephone system or office network, diverting calls
will simply involve a minor change to your programming to tell your system
what number to divert to.

Where are my calls answered?

All calls are answered at our premises in Edinburgh by our team of experienced
and professional operators. We never outsource any of our service and never
use any overseas facility.

How will my calls be answered?

The short answer is “however you want them answered”. Every call
is answered in your company name or with the greeting script you request.
It can be a general greeting or reflect a specific campaign or anything else
you require and, like all elements of your service, it can be changed at any

How do I direct calls to my call handling service?

We can set up any of a range of straightforward ways to send calls to your
call handling service. You can choose to either use your existing telephone
number or a special “non-geographic” number like an 03 or 0800
number to route your callers to us. You can choose to send either all of your
calls directly to your call handling service or only those calls that you
or your staff are unable to answer. To discuss how you would like your calls
to be routed just call us on 0333 4141 999.

Can you transfer calls through to me?

Yes we can answer your calls and then offer the call to you on your direct
line or mobile phone. If you would prefer not to take any particular call,
we will simply take the caller’s details and message and pass then to
you by your preferred method.

Can I choose which calls to divert to you?

Yes, if you divert your calls to us it is just a case of dialing a few keystrokes
into your phone to turn the divert on or off. You can also choose how the
divert should work: either sending all call to our team or only those calls
which go unanswered or find your line to be engaged.

How do I set up call divert?

Call divert is easy to set up and use. Just call your telephone provider (BT,
NTL etc.) and ask them to enable the service on your line. Turning the divert
on or off ore choosing how you would like it to work is simply a case of entering
a few keystrokes into your phone.

Can I divert my mobile to my dedicated line?

Yes you can, but remember that your mobile operator may charge you to do this.

Do I need to notify you each time I divert?

No, you don’t. Our systems are always ready and waiting for any calls
to come in for you.

I only want my calls answered by one person – is that possible?

Unfortunately not: distributing our customers’ call around our teams
is one of the ways that we are able to offer our service at such excellent
value for money. However, your account will be assigned to a small team who
are all familiar with how your service is to operate.

What hours is Connect open?

Our normal office hours are 08:00hrs – 18:00hrs, Monday to Friday. Outside
of these hours, we operate an individual, personalised voicemail service for
each of customers which includes a greeting by one of our call handling team
in your own company name.

How long does it take to set up a call handling service?

In the vast majority of cases we can have your service up and running within
just one hour.

What if more than one person calls my service at the same time?

Our service is built around systems that allow us to predict and manage overall
increases in call volumes. We have a shift system that ensures that there
are always more than sufficient staff to cope with even unexpected surges
in call volumes. We can accept up to 20 simultaneous calls for each customer
and additional capacity can be build in to cater for higher call volumes.

Do you hold a log of my past messages?

Yes – All of your calls from the previous six months are available to
our operators and can be accessed anytime you call or log on to the customers
section of our website.